Mr. Louis James Scott

Mr. Louis James Scott

US Veterans Liaison

Jim Scott has over 25 years’ experience with successful marketing, national advertising, new product introductions, brand building and management of marketing organizations, and working with the financial investment community.


Mr. Scott founded and owned advertising and media production service companies in Houston, Texas. Jim’s successful launch of a product for Coke Foods—juice in a box—got the attention of Coke Foods’ major advertising firm—McCann Erickson. Jim was recruited by McCann Erickson USA, in New York. At McCann, Jim enhanced his marketing and advertising skills as a specialist in major branded consumer product promotions and new product introductions. Clients included national brands such as RJ Reynolds, Mennen Products, Gillette, Lipton, and Coke Foods.


In 1989, Jim joined Petrolon, Inc. as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Despite having no prior experience in automotive additive products, Jim conceived and executed a business and marketing plan that introduced Slick 50 to the retail automotive aftermarket. This introduction created a new category of oil additives: “Engine Treatments”. Jim also introduced a family of specialty/lubricant chemicals and fuel additives under the Slick 50 brand and created a premium line-up of high margin automotive aftermarket products, while opening additional new markets and channels of distribution for the brand.

Mr. Scott grew the organization and sales from sales of $2 million in 1989 to $138 million in retail sales. This brand is considered to be the most successful automotive aftermarket positioning and new product introduction of the 1990’s. Mr. Scott sold his equity interest in Petrolon, Inc. in 1992.

Quaker State/Slick50:

Quaker State Oil purchased Slick 50 Products Company in 1995, by which time sales had dropped to $56.0 million. Quaker State recruited Jim to revitalize the company; he increased sales to $97 million in 1997.

Atlas Supply:

In 1998, Mr. Scott, through a leveraged buyout transaction, invested in and served as President and CEO of Atlas Supply Company, a private label tire, battery & accessory sales and distribution business that was purchased from Chevron and BP Oil Company.

Jim (i) has been involved with a start-up technology company, MerchMart, LLC, a business that developed an online auction software that would allow manufacturers and warehouse distributors the ability to sell excess inventory, (ii) consulted for a number of consumer branded product businesses and pursued several potential startup and acquisitions, including the re-acquisition of Slick50, currently owned by Royal Dutch Shell Oil PLC.


In 2004, as CEO, Mr. Scott led the acquisition and turnaround of Dura Lube. In 2005, under the Into Great Brands corporate umbrella Duralube was purchased out of bankruptcy. In just six months, Jim Scott and his management team turned the business around. Inside of 120 days after taking ownership, under his direction, the Dura Lube sales team captured all of the targeted national retail accounts lost by the prior owners, doubling the shelf space in major national automotive retail chains. In addition, he directed the reformulation of its products and redesigned the packaging of key products and staged the introduction of a new and improved line of chemical additives for the brand.

Jim was recruited to be Chief Marketing Officer of Enerpulse, a partially funded, pre-revenue company with new spark plug technology. He reworked the business model presentation and financials and helped the company obtain the financing for launch and then successfully placed the product with the major national retail auto parts accounts.

Best Tech Brands:

In 2007, Jim Scott, formed Best Tech Brands, LLC to acquire and market new fuel and lubricant technology for the automotive and fleet aftermarket. Since founding, Jim has identified, developed or acquired several new technologies and assembled a management team to launch the Company into consumer and commercial operations.

Military Bio:

L. James Scott: U.S. Army, Active Duty, 1967 – 1970. Special Forces trained medic. 2 tours of duty in the Republic of South Vietnam. Highly decorated and deployed two tours in 6 man Long Range Recon teams operating in the II Corps Central Highlands, Vietnam and tactical insertions into Cambodia. Honorably discharged as an E-6 Non-Commissioned Officer