Billy C. Holstead

Billy C. Holstead


Billy C. Holstead Has over 50 years serving the Oil & Gas Industry worldwide; up-stream, mid-stream & down-stream onshore and offshore, as well as serving Construction, Government, Military, Environmental, Service and Supply Companies. Specialized training in the automation and communication industry serving the oil, gas, pipeline, transportation, Chemical, Petrochemical Refineries, municipality and utilities industries. Thorough knowledge of all aspects of Business Development, Marketing & Sales, and Procurement on a Global basis.

  • Billy Holstead was the founder and majority shareholder of Control Systematologists, Inc. (CSI) established in 1965.
  • An Automation and Construction Company (CSI). CSI Specializing in Electronics, Instrumentation.
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics, in Automation Industry.
  • Engineering and Integration of standalone Turbine Power Generation, PLC Automation for Offshore Platforms, Transportation, Refining, and Process, Industry.

Billy sold CSI to a private held company in 1988, and accepted a position with Baker CAC a Baker Hughes Company as Manager of Western Hemisphere. He became President of Baker CAC in 1996 and stayed in that position until he retired in 2001.

He came out of retirement in 2002 and formed Holstead Consultants, LLC, serving the Oil & Gas Industry, Construction, Transportation, Environmental, and Government on a Global Basis.